Isso commenting system - ansible role
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## Isso commenting system - ansible role
Depends on `nginx` role, yet to be released.
isso_user: "isso"
isso_user_home: "/home/{{ isso_user }}"
isso_db_dir: "{{ isso_user_home }}/dbs"
isso_dbpath: "{{ isso_db_dir}}/isso-comments.db"
# Don't change this, tied to prebuilt isso-{version}.tar.gz!
isso_virtualenv: "{{isso_user_home}}/.virtualenvs/py39"
isso_python_version: "3.9"
isso_log_dir: "/var/log/isso"
- http://localhost # Use https for this...
isso_moderation_purge_after: '364d'
isso_server_port: 8080
isso_server_listen: "{{ isso_server_port }}"
# Important to set this!
isso_server_trusted_proxies: ""
# Don't use ISSO_CORS_ORIGIN unless you know exactly what you are doing!
# The isso docs are wrong on this!
#isso_cors_origin: # e.g. "*.example.test"
# CSP - Content Security Policy headers - only reporting URI relevant
isso_csp_report_uri: "{{csp_report_uri}}"
# Telegram integration
# Only available in forked Isso
isso_notify_telegram: false
# Use a customized ("ix5") version:
isso_use_customized_pkg: false
# Use pip install from PyPI (if false: use files/isso-verX.tar.gz)
isso_use_pypi: true
(See `default/main.yml`)
## Packaging Isso
cd <isso-dir>
make init all
python3 sdist
The Isso python package will be in `dist/isso<ver>.tar.gz`. Copy to
`files/isso-<ver>tar.gz` and increment `isso_version`.
Modifications used to build the customized package can be found at
2 years ago
## License