55 Commits (master)

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Felix 270f226415 files: Update prebuilt custom isso to 0.13.1 dev 2 months ago
Felix ac97d4837a defaults, tasks: Fix install from PyPI 2 months ago
Felix d1468831aa defaults: Bump isso to 0.13.0 (final) 2 months ago
Felix 6317265765 files: Update prebuilt isso 2 months ago
Felix 78da49cb2c templates: isso.cfg: Only enable admin if pw set 2 months ago
Felix 647e1b15b9 Use local stock files/isso-verX for non-ix5 version 3 months ago
Felix c3a28edc70 defaults: Revert back to 3 months ago
Felix ef503610e0 files: Update prebuilt isso 3 months ago
Felix 932c5f6d7d defaults: Bump isso_version to 0.13.0 3 months ago
Felix 38642d86f4 files: Bump custom isso pkg to 0.13.0-dev 3 months ago
Felix cad886ddcb defaults: Bump isso_version to 3 months ago
Felix 07ea550840 Differentiate between custom and stock isso pkg 3 months ago
Felix 8907f4b066 treewide: Really use isso_user everywhere, fix template ext 4 months ago
Felix 0b08fcdf71 files: Update prebuilt isso 4 months ago
Felix 770c842d4e templates: isso-gunicorn.service: Introduce security restrictions 4 months ago
Felix 9f79f4fb3a tasks: Delete isso-v0.x.tar.gz again after uploading 4 months ago
Felix 7e07d0915b defaults: Introduce isso_db_dir 4 months ago
Felix 8637bcb584 README: Update isso branch 4 months ago
Felix d55ae27079 files: Update prebuilt isso 4 months ago
Felix 79b4a39989 files: Update prebuilt isso 4 months ago
Felix 4be706432e templates: isso.cfg: Add no-intra-emphasis to opts 4 months ago
Felix 83511ecf2a tasks: Add more tags 4 months ago
Felix 7e29d7101f templates: Add isso_salt var for [hash] 6 months ago
Felix 246c44e5f5 Make CSP URI more configurable 6 months ago
Felix 4ee63a45b1 templates: Add CSP headers 6 months ago
Felix bb442506e1 files: Update prebuilt isso 6 months ago
Felix ec10598f61 files: Update prebuilt isso 6 months ago
Felix f66f76fb04 defaults: Bump isso to 0.12.5 6 months ago
Felix 16a25428b4 README: Fix python dist command 6 months ago
Felix b41e498d2e defaults: Disable isso_cors_origin b/c its wrong 8 months ago
Felix ef56936227 tasks: python: Fixes for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 9 months ago
Felix 37bc9aaab6 defaults: Bump python version to 3.9 for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 9 months ago
Felix 347a70c2b6 files: Update prebuilt isso 2 years ago
Felix b71c002183 README: Align with defaults/ 2 years ago
Felix feac6d48bb Simplify setting ISSO_CORS_ORIGIN 2 years ago
Felix d0ba7d326e templates: nginx: Simplify proxy settings 2 years ago
Felix 0069d94f02 templates: isso.cfg: Fix stdout typo 2 years ago
Felix f4bcb56bbe Set public-endpoint, trusted-proxies opts 2 years ago
Felix 6730e455ee files: Update prebuilt isso, new heart icon 2 years ago
Felix 1c26bf2024 files: Update prebuilt isso, thanks feature 2 years ago
Felix 022fed7e19 Fixup isso.cfg, add requests pkg, reload gunicorn 2 years ago
Felix 0b50b39df5 Add WIP Telegram integration 2 years ago
Felix f79bbeef00 Update README 2 years ago
Felix 98535d5984 files: Update prebuilt isso, embed now ~40Kb 2 years ago
Felix b6c908a71f Install isso from prebuilt pkg 2 years ago
Felix 10e983ade6 templates: isso.cfg: [guard] email approve true 2 years ago
Felix 58e7aee513 templates: nginx: Add content-headers snippet 2 years ago
Felix b3f1cbd932 nginx conf: Use errors snippet 3 years ago
Felix 53f7897769 templates: nginx: Add ACME location clause 3 years ago
Felix 42d47c38a2 Tweak isso template syntax 3 years ago