36 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alin Jerpelea b86cd1e68c overlay: remove RadioAccessFamilies overlay 1 year ago
  LuK1337 c8915023ea overlay: Don't advertise SIM hotswap support 1 year ago
  David ace100d0e8 overlay: enable smart battery 1 year ago
  Lucas Lee Jing Yi d66dead83b overlay: enable new swipe up navigation 1 year ago
  Jan Althaus 1a60d4d628 Allowing GmsCore to register DnD rules 2 years ago
  oshmoun d66ff09ba0 [TEMP] common: disable wireless display 1 year ago
  David d82cd81916 Add camera package to default dnd access list 1 year ago
  Lucas Lee Jing Yi df0d1b48cd overlay: frameworks: reduce default vibration strength 1 year ago
  Mathieu Chartier 7cf871a515 Fix shared vdex name 2 years ago
  Angelo G. Del Regno 6f0711a530 overlay: frameworks: Declare sustained performance mode supported 2 years ago
  LuK1337 ed62c1830f overlay: Sync comments with AOSP 2 years ago
  LuK1337 488819b7a3 overlay: Remove tty_enabled setting 2 years ago
  LuK1337 4003c8d35e overlay: Remove config_ui_enableFadingMarquee setting 2 years ago
  LuK1337 0cad7b1930 overlay: Remove config_animateScreenLights setting 2 years ago
  oshmoun 48b7ae4f59 overlay: config: add gps config overlay 2 years ago
  Alin Jerpelea 7861090fb5 Allow Pinner Service to pin Camera 2 years ago
  Philip Cuadra 12ae58abfa Pin .vdex files as well 3 years ago
  Alin Jerpelea 7509e3e952 move the Pinner Service from platform to common 2 years ago
  Gernot Pansy 629c5cd4f8 enable round icons for oreo (adaptive) and as also for apps that don't have adaptive icons but round icons for android 7 #322 2 years ago
  David ac15040b2d sony-common: remove round icons overlay flag 2 years ago
  Alin Jerpelea 52fdbcd6a6 Revert "sony-common: disable BT by default" 2 years ago
  David 6416fae0ce sony-common: disable BT by default 2 years ago
  Jonas Hahnfeld aaa2cd0e75 overlay: Enable GPRS and EDGE 3 years ago
  Humberto Borba d2ec44dc53 sony: common: overlay: Remove deprecated entry 3 years ago
  David 0c7638a2b7 sony-common: enable storage manager 3 years ago
  Olivier Karasangabo 1f1fc2ca56 sony-common: Allow lid to control sleep/wake behaviour 4 years ago
  David 6617d6800e sony-common: bluetooth: enable Sim Access Profile (SAP) 3 years ago
  David d4f43ac901 sony-common: use rounded icons when available 3 years ago
  David 781b48c931 sony-common: remove mms_useragent 3 years ago
  Alin Jerpelea 23185a53c7 Remove LatinIME overlay 4 years ago
  David 57111ad888 sony-common: prevent Double TaptoWake be enabled on all 4 years ago
  Giulio Cervera 3d429a07a6 update buffers for M 4 years ago
  Adam Farden 9c31250990 Add a simple PowerHAL for native double-tap-to-wake 4 years ago
  David a90c24e353 sony-common: remove TapToWake overlay 4 years ago
  Alin Jerpelea 41d7d17f0a unify platform overlay 4 years ago