419 Commits (treble-odm)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Felix 1170e85e45 Use oem as /vendor 7 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 3762d45727
Merge pull request #240 from ix5/sepolicy-batteryinfo 8 months ago
  Felix 289e7f8722 sepolicy_platform: Missing power supply paths 8 months ago
  MarijnS95 85c1a0d95d Android.mk: Switch to all-subdir-makefiles. 8 months ago
  MarijnS95 c6f452fa77 PlatformConfig: Base kernel path on SOMC_KERNEL_VERSION. 11 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 89df945dea
Merge pull request #239 from oshmoun/loire_bootcrash 8 months ago
  oshmoun 75811b2c2d [HACK] rootdir: vendor: init: delay start of hwcomposer 8 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 9bbc32f30a
Merge pull request #238 from ix5/dsp-readonly 8 months ago
  Felix 2034604852 [loire] fstab: Mount dsp partition read-only 8 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 3bcac9a2fe
Merge pull request #237 from ix5/sepolicy-buildvar 8 months ago
  Felix d573ffdee3 Board sepolicy: Fix legacy build variable 8 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea a3dc2547f7
Merge pull request #236 from ix5/generalize-rtc-path 8 months ago
  Felix 5d143b5416 Make sysfs_rtc path label more generic 8 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 902dfdcdc4
Merge pull request #235 from oshmoun/bluetooth_qti 9 months ago
  oshmoun 57a366a8b8 platform: add bluetooth default service 9 months ago
  oshmoun 745fb0c72d rootdir: vendor: ueventd.rc: add missing DIAG permission 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 99e5cec555 Revert "media_profiles: increase video recording framerate" 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 1653c440af
Merge pull request #234 from SonyAosp/9.0-net 9 months ago
  David b99c1c8f82 label 7a24900.sdhci/mmc_host/mmc2/mmc2:0001/mmc2:0001:1/net as sysfs_net 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 94fe5fcc42
Merge pull request #233 from ix5/move-bus-esoc-to-common-sepolicy 9 months ago
  Felix eeb2c67443 Move /sys/bus/esoc label to common sepolicy 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 20c4304b03 fstab: label firmware as vendor_firmware_file 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 9b335739e0 Revert "platform: Force camera API" 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 6928b70080
Merge pull request #232 from ix5/fix-rtc-typo 9 months ago
  Felix 9a30c52188 loire: fix rtc hctosys path in sepolicy 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea e527a7af6e
Merge pull request #231 from ix5/rtc-genfs 9 months ago
  Felix 385411b527 loire: add sepolicy contexts for rtc node 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 71247baa7c fstab: mount dsp and firmware in /vendor 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea cf99982625 PlatformConfig: remove unused dsp symlink 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 5903049a51 fstab: mount persist in /mnt/vendor/persist~ 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 1da646bf97 media_profiles: add highspeed720p profile 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 1c692f4b9d media_profiles: enable timelapse1080p 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea a812bb3e4e media_profiles: increase video recording framerate 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea dd669173ed bluetooth: add android.hardware.bluetooth@1.0-impl 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 309372c542
Merge pull request #230 from kholk/patch-13 9 months ago
  AngeloGioacchino Del Regno 616bab182c
PlatformConfig: Define TARGET_USES_GRALLOC1 for legacy 9 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 0d37e20b77 move Cache partition information 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 419c547e54 remove TARGET_USES_64_BIT_BCMDHD 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 30f90d9f71 remove TARGET_USES_64_BIT_BINDER 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 6cd489aa4f
Merge pull request #229 from richardtullberg/AUDIO_POLICY 10 months ago
  Richard Folke Tullberg 6b26f0c9d0 audio_policy: Add configuration to platform 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea f772a05d28 move BCM BT packages from common 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea be5f89fb70
Merge pull request #222 from bartcubbins/master-4.9 10 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea 6b3e672e8c
Merge pull request #227 from oshmoun/master 11 months ago
  oshmoun 073665f22c PlatformConfig: declare fw paths only if brcmfmac is not used 11 months ago
  Alin Jerpelea a1900575e6 platform: Force camera API 1 year ago
  Alin Jerpelea 825e8b9613
Merge pull request #226 from SonyAosp/9.0-selinux 1 year ago
  David dfa7dc5918 label qcom,haptics as sysfs_leds 1 year ago
  David cf2419cd90 label smb, battery and usb as batteryinfo 1 year ago
  Alin Jerpelea 23436d6a47 msm_irqbalance.conf: update IGNORED_IRQ list 1 year ago