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Felix 1170e85e45 Use oem as /vendor hace 7 meses
bluetooth bt: fix error in build hace 1 año
overlay/packages/apps/Settings/res move the Pinner Service to common folder hace 1 año
rootdir Use oem as /vendor hace 7 meses
sepolicy_platform sepolicy_platform: Missing power supply paths hace 8 meses Switch to all-subdir-makefiles. hace 8 meses Use oem as /vendor hace 7 meses Add Xperia Touch (blanc) hace 1 año platform: add bluetooth default service hace 9 meses

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This is the Android device configuration for loire platform.

loire devices:

Xperia X.................Suzu
Xperia X Compact ........Kugo
Xperia Touch ............Blanc

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