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Alin Jerpelea 63f43ce32d
Merge pull request #421 from ix5/vendor-updates-2
5 years ago
vendor Add read perms to system_app and shun perfprofd 5 years ago Rewrite sepolicy using wahoo as a style guide 6 years ago sony: sepolicy: Rebase sepolicy for project treble rules 5 years ago

sepolicy for SODP

This sepolicy is suitable for SODP supported devices when building on AOSP. Where possible, we follow the structure, style, and naming conventions found in the sepolicy written for Google devices. The current best comparison is the wahoo sepolicy.

When submitting patches please include the following in the commit message:

  1. The AVC denial you wish to resolve
  2. Why you think this is the correct sepolicy
  3. Steps to reproduce the denial
  4. Ping @AdFad666 for review.

Failure to include the above may result in your patch being rejected.

This sepolicy also requires device specific file_contexts and genfs_contexts that can be found in each platform's git repository.