Dual-SIM patcher for Sony phones (might be outdated)
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Dual-SIM patcher for Sony phones

META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script mounts /system and, if needed, /vendor, then runs tmp/patch_dualsim.sh.


  • Read model from LTALabel partition
  • Set ro.telephony.default_network based on model detected from LTALabel
  • Set persist.vendor.radio.multisim.config=dsds
  • Change ro.product.vendor.model to <Devicename> Dual (AOSP)
  • Change all references of the single-SIM model name to the dual-SIM one
  • Patch /vendor/etc/vintf/manifest.xml to add a second instance of telephony-related HALs


Simple create a .zip file with the META-INF and tmp folders included, then flash via TWRP.

For reference, a copy of the kagura dual-SIM manifest.xml is included in vintf/ds_manifest.xml.


MIT license.

Credits to @gouster4 for the inital version of the DS patcher and to @oshmoun for writing the regex.