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Felix 25c62c90f9 Customize for sx 4 years ago
Mohamed 5f68bf3e99
Merge pull request #29 from Chris-Greaves/add-blog-date 4 years ago
Chris-Greaves f9436d08bf Add date to blog archetype 4 years ago
Mohamed b17bb8defa
Merge pull request #25 from CamMakoJ/patch-1 5 years ago
Cam 845d4a00bf
Update readme.md 5 years ago
Mohamed 060fbd2a1c
Merge pull request #21 from RumbleFrog/master 5 years ago
Mohamed 193dd81895
Merge pull request #20 from greut/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog f868a8f234
Added Missing Font 5 years ago
Yoan Blanc 7883556f41
readme: unbreak the links 5 years ago
Mohamed 30f24419a7
Merge pull request #19 from RumbleFrog/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog ad8ccd4f02
Case Sensitive Config 5 years ago
Mohamed bb2742cd0e
Merge pull request #18 from RumbleFrog/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog a4f04f0e00
Twitter Fix 5 years ago
Mohamed 8b8243f564
Merge pull request #16 from jonashaag/patch-1 5 years ago
Jonas Haag 74f4bf4113
Fix HTML 5 years ago
Mohamed d12d3f643f
Merge pull request #15 from elfenlaid/fix-docs-archetype 5 years ago
elfenlaid 7209355326
fix docs archetype date misspell 5 years ago
Mohamed 9088bdf54e
change the contact site link 5 years ago
Mohamed 1372deb2fb
Merge pull request #13 from mnewswanger/master 5 years ago
Mike Newswanger b606e65da0 Update paths to support hugo relURL for use in subfolder of a domain 5 years ago
Mohamed ecdfa45389
Merge pull request #12 from RealOrangeOne/patch-1 5 years ago
Jake Howard 97173773a6
Unbake project name from navigation 5 years ago
Mohamed 223a53f483
Merge pull request #9 from brylie/patch-1 5 years ago
Mohamed f7d4867100
Merge pull request #11 from thde/patch-1 5 years ago
Demian 9cfe63c7be
removed version information 5 years ago
Mohamed 9e91671284
Merge pull request #10 from mnewswanger/patch-2 5 years ago
Mike Newswanger e447292e3c
Update README.md 5 years ago
Brylie Christopher Oxley b9197bfd7e
Add date metadata 5 years ago
Mohamed d46f096920 fix this issue https://github.com/jeblister/kube/issues/1 with togglme feature 6 years ago
Mohamed f707e2fa7f add twitter icon and index to content 6 years ago
Mohamed c79bef97cf add credit to readme 6 years ago
Mohamed 3ab8d8c6dc new release version 6 years ago
Mohamed bae833e6f8 fix name and a data structure of contents 6 years ago
jeblister 37b4182fe4 add release version 6 years ago
jeblister d487788f33 add deafault config to exampleSite 6 years ago
jeblister ed3fbe9b40 add links to images in readme 6 years ago
jeblister 9cd642aba1 first commit for kube theme 6 years ago