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Felix 4e73372cf8 style: kube: .message>a color, underline 2 years ago
Felix 690b5339b7 layouts: Use non-minified kube.css 2 years ago
Felix 6c4440f0c6 static: style: Dark Mode all the things 2 years ago
Felix 704de56e12 static: style: Fix TOC counters, .message bg 2 years ago
Felix ec41a5b12b static: style: Clean up, remove unused 2 years ago
Felix 144a8b22f2 css: Style extra menu nicer, add brand logo 2 years ago
Felix 06f58d948b Switch from Lato to Arial/sans-serif, smaller type, larger viewport, nicer menu styling, include footer on all pages, add outgoing icon 2 years ago
Felix 8ae60b085f static: css: custom: Fix navbar, page buttons 2 years ago
Felix 93aa0cf2d5 static: css: master.css: Remove #intro 2 years ago
Felix 18bc400f56 static: css: master.css: dos2unix 2 years ago
Felix ea0e384fc9 static: img: Delete unused images 2 years ago
Felix 95bf5f1943 layouts: Add link to source on Github 2 years ago
Felix 222370ffd7 css: custom: Topnav always open 3 years ago
Felix 4664d9fab2 css: custom: No blockq borders in hero 3 years ago
Felix 439a2a0490 layouts: baseof: Fix Rss warnings 3 years ago
Felix 9615a89534 layouts: baseof: Remove GA cruft 3 years ago
Felix c8887ddc49 layouts: baseof: Remove deprecated .Hugo ref 3 years ago
Felix a62c963c75 layouts: Remove hardcoded favicon 3 years ago
Felix c43edd709d css: master: Remove kube marketing and #changelog styles 3 years ago
Felix cc7e61d26e Remove empty master.js, legenda.js 3 years ago
Felix aa245e8940 Add isso comments 3 years ago
Felix e73caec58d Rip out disqus 4 years ago
Felix 9b5a276700 Wrap code 4 years ago
Felix 5d6f39d5db Update posts layouts 4 years ago
Felix c77007de0e Links should be non-underlined 4 years ago
Felix c27909cfe9 Remove icons 4 years ago
Felix 3d1bdf27a0 Move blog stuff to posts 4 years ago
Felix 174c0062a8 Fix theme 4 years ago
Felix 2b42d64c96 Fix base link in header 4 years ago
Felix 25c62c90f9 Customize for sx 4 years ago
Mohamed 5f68bf3e99
Merge pull request #29 from Chris-Greaves/add-blog-date 4 years ago
Chris-Greaves f9436d08bf Add date to blog archetype 4 years ago
Mohamed b17bb8defa
Merge pull request #25 from CamMakoJ/patch-1 4 years ago
Cam 845d4a00bf
Update readme.md 4 years ago
Mohamed 060fbd2a1c
Merge pull request #21 from RumbleFrog/master 4 years ago
Mohamed 193dd81895
Merge pull request #20 from greut/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog f868a8f234
Added Missing Font 5 years ago
Yoan Blanc 7883556f41
readme: unbreak the links 5 years ago
Mohamed 30f24419a7
Merge pull request #19 from RumbleFrog/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog ad8ccd4f02
Case Sensitive Config 5 years ago
Mohamed bb2742cd0e
Merge pull request #18 from RumbleFrog/patch-1 5 years ago
RumbleFrog a4f04f0e00
Twitter Fix 5 years ago
Mohamed 8b8243f564
Merge pull request #16 from jonashaag/patch-1 5 years ago
Jonas Haag 74f4bf4113
Fix HTML 5 years ago
Mohamed d12d3f643f
Merge pull request #15 from elfenlaid/fix-docs-archetype 5 years ago
elfenlaid 7209355326
fix docs archetype date misspell 5 years ago
Mohamed 9088bdf54e
change the contact site link 5 years ago
Mohamed 1372deb2fb
Merge pull request #13 from mnewswanger/master 5 years ago
Mike Newswanger b606e65da0 Update paths to support hugo relURL for use in subfolder of a domain 5 years ago
Mohamed ecdfa45389
Merge pull request #12 from RealOrangeOne/patch-1 5 years ago