1234 Commits (FREEZE-blogpost-2021-01-20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix 8edf5f1b78 Thanks button: Post reactions to Telegram 6 months ago
Felix 0f59b1b485 Thanks button: MVP 6 months ago
Felix 940df38858 [WIP] Rudimentary Telegram integration 6 months ago
Felix 2ec137fded [TEMP] Makefile: use sassc 6 months ago
Felix 70066cfb3f postbox: Bigger text on mobile, Markdown supported 6 months ago
Felix 2c16304c26 admin: Fix pull#470 edit-abort-save with <pre> 6 months ago
fluffy e1a708d075 Require an edit cookie to be able to view a comment before editing. 6 months ago
Felix ab18a974d9 [WIP] Tooltip saying email won't be public 6 months ago
Felix 0caff99fb8 utils: Improve cookie SameSite/secure handling 6 months ago
Felix e0c3c95b02 js: Remove unused languages 6 months ago
Rocka 50c59b6348 admin: restore comment content after cancel edit 3 years ago
Felix 86e0cb02b3 TEMP: Use <pre> for comments in admin area 2 years ago
Felix 3e89147ffa FIXME: Use absolute URIs for threads 2 years ago
fluffy 944e484684
Add HTML escaping to code blocks (#631) 10 months ago
Timothée Mazzucotelli f4d2705d4f
Fix dead links to init scripts (#672) 11 months ago
Özcan Oğuz 4cb189494e
Add Turkish translation (#669) 11 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij c06aa46efb Drop reference to librelist, which has disappeared. 11 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij aa06f3c626 Remove unused import. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij b241476351 Drop leftover check for PY2K. Fixes #663 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij dd76aa0cf1
Drop python 2 support. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij ea0020c134
Add an (empty) metrics page. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3cff7da2b3
Ignore .mypy_cache. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij c1be7312e0
Don't require new options to be present. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij 9c86fcb53d
Drop support for configparser from backports. 12 months ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3d526a7b9d
Preparing 0.12.3 1 year ago
Jeff Turner f9e62e3751
Fix #657 flask_caching 1.9 backend names (#660) 12 months ago
jingwanhsu 56ada5ca91
Fixing a zh_TW translation text (#654) 1 year ago
Felix d7eefbc072
admin: Set default order_by to 'created' (desc) (#649) 1 year ago
frenchvandal 2ba7217900
Dockerfile update (#644) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon bdaa5240d1
Adding docs/extras/contribs.rst (#640) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon 080ee36371
Adding a [server] proxy-fix-enable-x-prefix configuration option to take into consideration the `X-Forwarded-Prefix` HTTP header (#639) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon a548fbf45b
Add warnings on Comments.vote failures (#635) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon f70eaf315a
Using .access_route instead of .remote_addr to take into account HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header (#636) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon 04d138dc77
Adding contrib/dump_comments.py (#638) 1 year ago
Lucas Cimon c4373186f9
Fixing likes counter of replies not being displayed (#637) 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 54f8fb7a7f
Drop python2 support. (#613) 1 year ago
Benoit Latinier bb9d947c76
Merge pull request #618 from frenchvandal/master 1 year ago
frenchvandal de8867a9d2
[i18n] Added the Brazilian Portuguese language 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 86b65f817e
html: Add markdown render flag option (#616) 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 2a4e8c231e
Add python 3.8 support. (#615) 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3e3ee8b641
Fix compatibility with werkzeug 1.0.0. Fixes #611 (#614) 1 year ago
Facundo Batista 1633d9261e New 'latest' endpoint to serve latest comments. Fixes #556. (#610) 2 years ago
Benjamin Pereto 1de758887a FIX: include admin.js in Python Package (#606) 2 years ago
jasdeepgill 5655f194b3 Various text improvements to documentation. 2 years ago
Shimmy Xu 7eed747e7a Use `html.escape` for Python versions where `cgi.escape` is removed (#600) 2 years ago
Charl P. Botha (X1E) 2e8cb81179
Add a approve-if-email-previously-approved setting. 2 years ago
Marcin Kurczewski 9eaaad4775 Fall back to author names in gravatars (#482) 2 years ago
Jonathan Watt 4944d595f6 Make Isso compatible with Content Security Policies without `script-src 'unsafe-inline'` (#597) 2 years ago
Michiel Scholten 472c9ed3de Set subject for notification about new comment, subject should not be empty (#589) 2 years ago
jasdeepgill 95b05bd3fe Improve grammar of index.rst. (#588) 2 years ago