1234 Commits (FREEZE-blogpost-2021-01-20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix 8edf5f1b78 Thanks button: Post reactions to Telegram 9 months ago
Felix 0f59b1b485 Thanks button: MVP 9 months ago
Felix 940df38858 [WIP] Rudimentary Telegram integration 9 months ago
Felix 2ec137fded [TEMP] Makefile: use sassc 9 months ago
Felix 70066cfb3f postbox: Bigger text on mobile, Markdown supported 9 months ago
Felix 2c16304c26 admin: Fix pull#470 edit-abort-save with <pre> 9 months ago
fluffy e1a708d075 Require an edit cookie to be able to view a comment before editing. 9 months ago
Felix ab18a974d9 [WIP] Tooltip saying email won't be public 9 months ago
Felix 0caff99fb8 utils: Improve cookie SameSite/secure handling 9 months ago
Felix e0c3c95b02 js: Remove unused languages 9 months ago
Rocka 50c59b6348 admin: restore comment content after cancel edit 3 years ago
Felix 86e0cb02b3 TEMP: Use <pre> for comments in admin area 2 years ago
Felix 3e89147ffa FIXME: Use absolute URIs for threads 2 years ago
fluffy 944e484684
Add HTML escaping to code blocks (#631) 1 year ago
Timothée Mazzucotelli f4d2705d4f
Fix dead links to init scripts (#672) 1 year ago
Özcan Oğuz 4cb189494e
Add Turkish translation (#669) 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij c06aa46efb Drop reference to librelist, which has disappeared. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij aa06f3c626 Remove unused import. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij b241476351 Drop leftover check for PY2K. Fixes #663 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij dd76aa0cf1
Drop python 2 support. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij ea0020c134
Add an (empty) metrics page. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3cff7da2b3
Ignore .mypy_cache. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij c1be7312e0
Don't require new options to be present. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 9c86fcb53d
Drop support for configparser from backports. 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3d526a7b9d
Preparing 0.12.3 2 years ago
Jeff Turner f9e62e3751
Fix #657 flask_caching 1.9 backend names (#660) 1 year ago
jingwanhsu 56ada5ca91
Fixing a zh_TW translation text (#654) 1 year ago
Felix d7eefbc072
admin: Set default order_by to 'created' (desc) (#649) 1 year ago
frenchvandal 2ba7217900
Dockerfile update (#644) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon bdaa5240d1
Adding docs/extras/contribs.rst (#640) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon 080ee36371
Adding a [server] proxy-fix-enable-x-prefix configuration option to take into consideration the `X-Forwarded-Prefix` HTTP header (#639) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon a548fbf45b
Add warnings on Comments.vote failures (#635) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon f70eaf315a
Using .access_route instead of .remote_addr to take into account HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header (#636) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon 04d138dc77
Adding contrib/dump_comments.py (#638) 2 years ago
Lucas Cimon c4373186f9
Fixing likes counter of replies not being displayed (#637) 2 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij 54f8fb7a7f
Drop python2 support. (#613) 2 years ago
Benoit Latinier bb9d947c76
Merge pull request #618 from frenchvandal/master 2 years ago
frenchvandal de8867a9d2
[i18n] Added the Brazilian Portuguese language 2 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij 86b65f817e
html: Add markdown render flag option (#616) 2 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij 2a4e8c231e
Add python 3.8 support. (#615) 2 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij 3e3ee8b641
Fix compatibility with werkzeug 1.0.0. Fixes #611 (#614) 2 years ago
Facundo Batista 1633d9261e New 'latest' endpoint to serve latest comments. Fixes #556. (#610) 2 years ago
Benjamin Pereto 1de758887a FIX: include admin.js in Python Package (#606) 2 years ago
jasdeepgill 5655f194b3 Various text improvements to documentation. 2 years ago
Shimmy Xu 7eed747e7a Use `html.escape` for Python versions where `cgi.escape` is removed (#600) 2 years ago
Charl P. Botha (X1E) 2e8cb81179
Add a approve-if-email-previously-approved setting. 2 years ago
Marcin Kurczewski 9eaaad4775 Fall back to author names in gravatars (#482) 2 years ago
Jonathan Watt 4944d595f6 Make Isso compatible with Content Security Policies without `script-src 'unsafe-inline'` (#597) 2 years ago
Michiel Scholten 472c9ed3de Set subject for notification about new comment, subject should not be empty (#589) 2 years ago
jasdeepgill 95b05bd3fe Improve grammar of index.rst. (#588) 2 years ago