30 Commits (FREEZE-blogpost-2021-01-20)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix 940df38858 [WIP] Rudimentary Telegram integration 8 months ago
Lucas Cimon f70eaf315a
Using .access_route instead of .remote_addr to take into account HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header (#636) 1 year ago
Jelmer Vernooij 86b65f817e
html: Add markdown render flag option (#616) 2 years ago
Facundo Batista 1633d9261e New 'latest' endpoint to serve latest comments. Fixes #556. (#610) 2 years ago
Charl P. Botha (X1E) 2e8cb81179
Add a approve-if-email-previously-approved setting. 2 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij afc90a05cc
Reject actual logins when admin is disabled. 3 years ago
Jelmer Vernooij 77813de8f9
Don't open the admin page with a default password by default. Fixes #491 3 years ago
Pelle Nilsson 1dd95d5aad New setting general.reply-notifications 3 years ago
Pelle Nilsson 9b2a56e467 Introduce public-endpoint setting 3 years ago
Vincent Bernat 45f6b1eda3 feed: make /feed API call configurable server and client-side 3 years ago
谷月轩 fd0147e8ab Fixed typo in isso.conf 4 years ago
Benoît Latinier 0a93c866ff Add a basic admin interface (Fix issue #10) 5 years ago
benjhess cbd4d90cb7 Added optional gravatar support 5 years ago
Alexandre Perrin 3d67f10c72 default isso.conf typo 5 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 339318eb92 set require-author to false by default 5 years ago
Nick Hu cb21af4cc5 Add config for requiring emails 6 years ago
Daniel Gräber 8387a5390f Replace vagrant shell provisioning with ansible 7 years ago
Richard Fine 6ac5e8c6d0 Reverted change to demo file; changed web server config to mount the uWSGI app at the root, as it turns out it's capable of serving the demo file itself 7 years ago
Richard Fine 3977a8d00d set up Vagrant support to make it easy to get a dev environment going quickly 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann e02687a066 remove superscript extension from defaults (again) 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 392add88e6 disable intra emphasis 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 221b782157 refactor configuration parsing 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann f489ae63d6 Python3.4 now uses system's CA to connect to SMTP via TLS 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 4a7830a96d add [hash] to isso.conf and update some strings 7 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 0509e15f67 clarify [general] host usage a bit 8 years ago
Martin Zimmermann 0d6d072281 add isso.conf example to source distribution 8 years ago