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# INSTALLATION: pip install sphinx && npm install --global node-sass
ISSO_JS_SRC := $(shell find isso/js/app -type f) \
$(shell ls isso/js/*.js | grep -vE "(min|dev)") \
ISSO_JS_DST := isso/js/embed.min.js isso/js/ \
isso/js/count.min.js isso/js/
ISSO_CSS := isso/css/isso.css
ISSO_PY_SRC := $(shell git ls-files | grep -E "^isso/$$")
DOCS_RST_SRC := $(shell find docs/ -type f -name '*.rst') \
$(wildcard docs/_isso/*) \
docs/index.html docs/ docs/docutils.conf \
DOCS_CSS_SRC := docs/_static/css/site.scss
DOCS_CSS_DEP := $(shell find docs/_static/css/neat -type f) \
$(shell find docs/_static/css/bourbon -type f)
DOCS_CSS_DST := docs/_static/css/site.css
DOCS_MAN_DST := man/man1/isso.1 man/man5/isso.conf.5
DOCS_HTML_DST := docs/_build/html
RJS = r.js
SASS = sassc
all: man js site
(cd isso/js; bower --allow-root install almond requirejs requirejs-text jade)
flake8 . --count --max-line-length=127 --show-source --statistics
isso/js/%.min.js: $(ISSO_JS_SRC) $(ISSO_CSS)
$(RJS) -o isso/js/build.$*.js out=$@
isso/js/ $(ISSO_JS_SRC) $(ISSO_CSS)
$(RJS) -o isso/js/build.$*.js optimize="none" out=$@
js: $(ISSO_JS_DST)
man: $(DOCS_RST_SRC)
sphinx-build -b man docs/ man/
mkdir -p man/man1/ man/man5
mv man/isso.1 man/man1/isso.1
mv man/isso.conf.5 man/man5/isso.conf.5
sphinx-build -b dirhtml docs/ $@
site: $(DOCS_HTML_DST)
coverage: $(ISSO_PY_SRC)
nosetests --with-doctest --with-coverage --cover-package=isso --cover-html isso/
test: $($ISSO_PY_SRC)
python3 nosetests
rm -rf $(DOCS_HTML_DST)
.PHONY: clean site man init js coverage test