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Felix dea31cc45f Q: patches: Fix qcom gps patch 1 year ago
bluetooth-disable-email-test.patch Re-format patches and use git am 3 years ago
build-releasetools-allow-flashing-downgrades.patch Remove deep sleep from ExtendedSettings, clean up unused 3 years ago
build-releasetools-allow-no-system-ota.patch patches: Fix format 1 year ago
build-releasetools-skip-compatiblity-zip-simple.patch patches: Fix format 1 year ago
build-releasetools-skip-compatiblity-zip.patch Add releasetools fix 2 years ago
dtsi-loire-conjure-oem-into-vendor.patch add loire dtsi vendor treble patch 3 years ago
dtsi-tone-conjure-oem-into-vendor.patch treble: Rebase odm-vendor dtsi patch on kill-verity 2 years ago
dtsi-tone-kill-verity.patch P/Q: dtsi: Add kill-verity patch for tone 2 years ago
enable-development-settings-by-default.patch Enable development settings by default 3 years ago
force-panic.patch Add force panic patch, but do not use it yet 3 years ago
hardware-interfaces-allow-radio-1-1-.patch Q: FIXME: Allow hardware/interfaces/radio@1.1 2 years ago
kernel-dtsi-wakeup.patch Re-format patches and use git am 3 years ago
kernel-enable-tof-sensor.patch TEMP: cleanup, policy still missing 3 years ago
kernel-fix-fib-rules.patch Remove unused patches 2 years ago
kernel-rgbcr-sensor.patch Add camera RGBCIR sensor patch 3 years ago
launcher3quickstep-remove-quicksearchbar.patch Launcher3QuickStep: Remove useless QuickSearchbar 3 years ago
lineage-build-make-checkbootjars-caf-ims.patch lineage-16: Bringup! 2 years ago
lineage-build-soong-fake-winpthread.patch lineage-16: Bringup! 2 years ago
lineage-fwb-remove-libapf-dep.patch lineage-16: Add fwb libapf patch 2 years ago
lineage-vendor-lineage-remove-kernel-task.patch lineage-16: Add vendor-lineage remove kernel task patch 2 years ago
master-build-releasetools-allow-flashing-downgrades.patch Add [master] branch script 2 years ago
master-build-soong-Android.bp-Fake-Windows-libwinpthread-deps.patch master: Update winpthread patch, Q: Add comment 1 year ago
master-networkstack-tests-net-Remove-libapf-deps.patch patches: Fix format 1 year ago
panel-minimum-brightness.patch tone: panel: set min brightness to 1.2mA 3 years ago
q-bluetooth-disable-email-test.patch Q: Update launcher and bt patches 2 years ago
q-build-make-remove-browser2-quicksearchbox.patch Q: build: Remove Browser2, QuickSearchBox 2 years ago
q-build-soong-fake-libwinpthread.patch Q: Add soong fake libwinpthread patch 2 years ago
q-common-kernel-fix-build-kernel-var.patch Q: Fix BUILD_KERNEL in common-kernel 2 years ago
q-enable-development-settings-by-default.patch Q: Update devsettings patch 2 years ago
q-fwb-core-Add-support-for-MicroG.patch Q: Add spoof-perm patch to fwb 2 years ago
q-gcc-sleep-constructor-aarch64.patch Q: Drop GCC sleep contructors 2 years ago
q-gcc-sleep-constructor-arm.patch Q: Drop GCC sleep contructors 2 years ago
q-hardware-interfaces-allow-radio-1-1-.patch Q: Update radio vintf patch 2 years ago
q-kernel-4.9-makefile.patch Q/master: Update kernel makefile patches 2 years ago
q-kernel-4.14-makefile.patch Q/master: Update kernel makefile patches 2 years ago
q-launcher3quickstep-remove-quicksearchbar.patch Q: Update launcher3 patch 2 years ago
q-networkstack-remove-libapf.patch Q: NetworkStack: Remove libapf crap 2 years ago
q-qcom-gps-legacy-buildguard.patch Q: patches: Fix qcom gps patch 1 year ago
q-sepolicy-app-neverallow-exception-matlog.patch Q: Fix sepolicy patch 2 years ago
q-system-core-propertyservice-read-odm-buildprop.patch Q/treble/4.9: Big cleanup commit 2 years ago
q-vendor-qcom-loc-remove-kver-check.patch Q/treble/4.9: Big cleanup commit 2 years ago
r-networkstack-tests-net-Remove-libapf-deps.patch patches: Fix format 1 year ago
sepolicy-app-neverallow-exception-matlog.patch UGLY: sepolicy: Neverallow exception for Matlog 2 years ago
system-core-always-allow-permissive.patch treble: Horrible hack for permissive init 2 years ago
system-core-ld.config-allow-vendor.patch add system-core patch because the gerrit one only applies to master 3 years ago