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Alin Jerpelea 4c6954c9dd Revert "TEMP: add msmfb display branch" 3 years ago
LE.UM.2.3.2.r1.4.xml wlan-qc: update to LA.UM.7.3.r1 4 years ago Update domain in 4 years ago
broadcom.xml add Broadcom bt-fm repo 5 years ago
devices.xml devices: add ganges platform 3 years ago
external.xml external: use a fixed commit on vendor/external/exfat 3 years ago
nxp.xml add the NFC git containing the .mk files 5 years ago
oss.xml Add vendor/oss/simdetect 3 years ago
qcom.xml Revert "TEMP: add msmfb display branch" 3 years ago
untracked.xml sdm845: add ipacfg-mgr 4 years ago

This repository contains the local_manifests used by the Sony Open Devices project

Please follow the build instructions from Sony Developer World