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Felix 1b243ddfc8 Convert lists to generators where possible 5 months ago
Felix 701725caa5 README: Bump to 0.2.2 5 months ago
Felix 81106d1233 Fix tests for py3/picard2, add test data, offline 5 months ago
Felix ee5242f634 Rework handling of missing data 5 months ago
Felix cbd363cf0e Tag 0.2.1 5 months ago
Felix eebaf9cfc9 README: remove question mark 5 months ago
Felix 09015f9427 Nicer formatting, remove version sniffing suggestions 5 months ago
Felix c720db8866 Tested on 2.6 and 2.7, fix barcode, tests TODO 5 months ago
Felix 089d9de019 WIP guard workaround for older picard vers 5 months ago
Felix 748c024e56 Update README, tag 0.2.0 5 months ago
Felix 0d42e88f62 Nicer cleanup, more robust handling, document more 5 months ago
Felix ae0956c1d1 TEMP HACK HACK works now, TODO get rid of mocks 5 months ago
Felix 1f974a2c32 WIP works with hacks 5 months ago
Felix b731510a36 Formatting 4 years ago
Felix 9cf3cd4e93 Update tests 4 years ago
Felix 16849734f5 Fix typo in description, improve readability 5 years ago
Felix b3cb0c296c Slight code cleanup, finish tests 6 years ago
Felix fe763ff3b4 Bump version & references 6 years ago
Felix d77b45b824 pep8ify 6 years ago
Felix 93bdf3cff4 Fix False->None, add tests 6 years ago
Felix e524271b4d Clarify README 6 years ago
Felix 7eef0d8ba0 Bugfix: varname reponse->response, behaviour changes: 6 years ago
Felix 7cfe65a71d Update README 6 years ago
Felix 6799d2d063 Improve code readability; fixes: No finalize_loading when with_zero fails 6 years ago
Felix 19fda8590b Code formatted for readability 6 years ago
Felix 56d20a4b73 Updated README 6 years ago
Felix e246531bbf Use unicode to prevent errors handling diacritics etc. 6 years ago
Felix 10dec7d5aa Support for retrying with 0 prepended, cleanup 6 years ago
Felix dfd244adde License correction 6 years ago
Felix 0079120f36 Removed unused imports, cleanup, hopefully fixed errors @mineo pointed out 6 years ago
Felix b8e0edcca6 Finally, it works with xmlws. Works! 6 years ago
Felix 6e762f04b2 Cull error debug messages 6 years ago
Felix f007c209c0 Further cleanup 6 years ago
Felix a58a32a019 Updated License, Readme, inline license, fixed tabs/spaces mixup 6 years ago
Felix 9c91f1641a Further cleanup 6 years ago
Felix 640e7f7fbd Further code cleanup, should work now 6 years ago
Felix 0cf934a573 Code cleanup 6 years ago
Felix 18a3db9811 Scraping using built-in urllib, parsing and writing works, queue still not completely finished 6 years ago
Felix 085ef1eafc Further testing 6 years ago
Felix 28aaa7ee5d Further cleanup 6 years ago
Felix f1c2c7e3b2 Testing regular expressions for html, queueing testing 6 years ago
Felix 1b26a16c4e Added license 6 years ago
Felix dda84207be Added README 6 years ago
Felix 1d11492a11 Initial commit: scraper works for now, lots of hardcoded values, 6 years ago